Loyalty is, of course, a long game. But there are small changes you can implement in the short term that will make a big difference. This useful list is something to keep in mind when you’re revisiting your customer experience strategy.

Making your customers as loyal as this little guy? It’s possible.

1. Automate What You Can

Hubspot found that 82% of people look for an instant response to an online enquiry, even if it’s a quick, “Hey, we’ve heard you.” And if it’s a customer service question… 90% expect an immediate response.
You need to ensure you’ve got a solid email automation journey that builds into your broader customer experience strategy. f your email journey. So, when was the last time you took a good, hard look at your email customer journey? When was the last time you took a good, hard look at it? For twenty or so years, we’ve been designing, building, implementing and monitoring customer journeys. We make it easy to map out the ideal journey — including handover points between human contact and automation.

But this raises the question: does automation make things impersonal? We could spend hours on this question, but probably the easiest way to settle this is a with some wisdom from Blake Morgan in Forbes Magazine:

Automation provides brands more time and resources to provide high-quality, lasting customer experiences instead of draining their time on simple interactions that can easily be taken care of by machines.

So, how do we stop you from wasting your time (and your staff’s time)? Simply put, we take all the boring stuff off your hands. A more precise statement of how we do it might be “we take decades of consumer discretionary spend data, customer service experience, and marketing knowledge to create the best possible, bespoke outcome for you and your brand.” We’ve been handling complex operations for clients like ANZ since the 90s. And we’d love to help you handle yours!


2. Delegating customer service

Walker found that, in 2020, customer service will leap ahead of price and product as the key differentiator in the mind of consumers. So, while you might be investing significantly in research and development or your product (and that’s still necessary), you can’t neglect the importance of customer experience.  It’s clear why it gets neglected — keeping up with your customers is a full-time job. And for some people, it really is. Hiring someone to deal with customer enquiries isn’t always an option (or a desirable one). This becomes especially true when you throw a promotion or intensive campaign into the mix.

But the problem with outsourcing customer service is this: how do you know that it will be consistent with the quality you want to provide? Well, it had better be.

US-based customer experience strategy and research company, Walker,  found that, in 2020, customer service will leap ahead of price and product as the key differentiator in the mind of consumers.

We use an in-house, local team to deliver customer service because we know that that’s what your customers need. Running campaigns where consumers need to have a local team that gets their business has proven time and time again to be a crowd-pleaser. We back that statement with data (as always): 96% of our clients rated our customer service as “excellent” in our latest survey. So you’re in the safest hands you could be.


3. Get a distribution partner

How good are you at delaying gratification? Good service and especially good distribution mean you don’t have to (or at least not by much). Running a competition but having to wait for fulfilment (potentially even for weeks) is never a good look. Part of this need for instantaneity is why we introduced digital rewards. They deliver on instant gratification for both your customers and for you.

But when you want to send out something in a box or an envelope, you need to do it in the most efficient way possible. Our approach to distribution is a simple one — stay in control. We stay accountable to you and to your customers by providing in-house distribution and printing. That means the only time it’s out of our hands is when it’s in the hands of the courier or the hands of your customers.


The sooner you start, the better.

Increasing your customers’ lifetime value is never not a priority. While you get your ducks in a row, it doesn’t hurt to start small. But, with something as important as loyalty, you can’t afford to let things get stale. Get in touch today to get the ball rolling on your next great strategy.
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