To move any business forward, it’s important to gather information by listening to feedback from customers. This is vital so you can truly deliver value as tastes change or markets shift. A major hurdle to overcome is obtaining enough data that’s useable and measurable. Here are some ways to increase survey participation, and importantly completion, so you can get the information your business needs.
Make your survey as convenient as possible
You’ll need enough responses to get a decent sample size for statistical relevance – convenience is the key here. Website pop-up ads can turn some people off, and social media doesn’t guarantee quality responses. Sending out a survey through your newsletter or emails at relevant times in the customer journey can increase response rates. Simply put, people should click as few times as possible to begin a survey. Also ensure its mobile optimised so people can complete the survey on the go.
Ask specific, pertinent questions
Surveys shouldn’t take a lot of time to complete. If your business needs information on customer service, ask specific questions that directly relate to this. Don’t waste participants’ time on irrelevant questions or filling out detailed personal information. Stick to your core objectives.
Reward your customers for their time
Rewarding your participants is a tried and tested method for gaining more responses. It’s a great idea to deliver “promised” incentives with a broad appeal. We believe eftpos gift cards are attractive and appropriate, as they not only reward effort but also acknowledge commitment.
You can also brand gift cards so your business stays at the top of participants’ mind when they use their card. They can also increase the likelihood of participants spending the gift card with your business.
Beyond the survey: rewards card analytics
By setting up a budget and marketing analytics for your survey, you can also measure your return on investment. Rewards Come True can assist you in gaining additional insights into where and when your participants spent their gift cards. This gives you a twofold advantage in gaining business intelligence.
By following these tips you can gain valuable insights into your customer base. At Rewards Come True, we can take care of all the heavy lifting needed to manage your rewards program. To get started, call us on 1800 043 656 or email


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