Our client, a statewide company, had a problem. They’d accidentally become the Grinch.

Their employees lived in a broad geographical area, came from a broad range of age groups, and had a broad group of interests.

It was tough to find a Christmas bonus gift that worked for everyone. You’ve probably had the same problem: A bottle of wine? Not everyone drinks!  A mug and a pair of socks? A bit tacky. Chocolates? What about dietary requirements?

So they’d gone for what seemed like the best option: store-based gift cards.

But they’d made one big faux pas: they’d accidentally issued store-based cards for a store that was a few hours drive away from many of the recipients. Understandably, they received multiple complaints about the bonuses, as they had in previous years of taking the same approach.

They realised it wasn’t just a matter of selecting a more accessible store to source gift cards from. They realised they needed to rethink their strategy and get a more enticing reward if they wanted to can Christmas complaints altogether.



They needed a solution that was both flexible and easy to distribute.

We helped them transfer all their Christmas bonuses over to eftpos gift cards.



  • We printed and distributed cards for all bonus recipients
  • We managed the loading of funds onto the cards
  • We managed activation and balance-checking on all cards through a secure portal



They did it! They managed their first-ever Complaint-Free Christmas. Here’s to many more.



Eftpos gift cards span possibly the broadest demographic of all gift solutions. This company wasn’t different in its staff demographic composition to most other companies in Australia — they just chose a better, smarter solution.

Our eftpos gift cards have more applications than just as thank-you or Christmas gifts. If you’d like to see how they can work for your brand, get in touch! We’re always ready to help out or to find a way to make your life easier.



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