The opportunities for businesses created by corporate gift cards are endless. Did you know that EFTPOS and Visa corporate gift cards are one of the most effective means to achieve word of mouth marketing?
Your existing customers are your biggest brand ambassadors. Their opinion is trusted and considered genuine by others as it is based on real experience with your company. Their opinion can hold more weight than your own company-generated marketing.
If you execute your referral program the right way, the benefits are infinite. Leads generated from referrals are warmer and therefore, have a high conversion rate. They will increase both your revenue and your lifetime customer value. They are also cheaper and save time as they reduce your need for advertising, marketing and sales people.
So how do corporate gift cards come into play? Although your existing clients may be satisfied with your products and services, they usually need that extra nudge to spread the word and endorse your business through referrals. Using corporate gift cards, you can engage and incentivize your customers, turning them into brand advocates. When a referral makes a purchase, reward your existing customer with an EFTPOS or Visa gift card that is customized with your brand. This will show your appreciation and encourage them to make more referrals.
With Rewards Come True, you can take your referral program even further to suit your business’s needs. Here are some popular ideas:

  • Send zero balance gift cards to your existing customers. Only once they have made a referral and their referral has made a purchase will you activate the gift cards to have funds loaded. It’s the ultimate incentive!
  • Send two zero balance gift cards to your existing customers. Customise the gift wallet to instruct your existing customers to give one card to their referral. Once their referral makes a purchase and shows us the card, you can activate both the gift cards to reward both your existing customers and their referrals.
  • Keep your existing customers actively engaged using Visa re-loadable gift cards as a part of an ongoing referral program.

Whether you want to reward a few special clients or thousands of customers, we can provide everything you need to build your customer base and increase engagement levels with your existing clients. Contact our team at RCT by clicking here or calling 1800 043 656.


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