Do you incentivise resellers and stockist with a rebate program?

It’s common knowledge that having a rebate program in place can drive your sales from vendors. But did you know that the way you deliver that rebate can seriously impact its efficacy?
Capitalising on rebates payments is as simple as changing the way you pay them.


Solving the invisibility problem

In today’s world, cash rebate payments tend to travel by electronic transfer. The money gets invisibly transferred from one account to another. As a result, it often gets spent before they even realise they’ve received it.

The “invisible” nature of this transaction does nothing to link ‘behaviour and reward’ in the mind of the rebate recipient. In other words, they don’t realise that their support of your product or service equals cash in their hand.

There is a better way to support behavioural change in resellers and stockists.

Eftpos gift cards bring rewards back into the tangible realm. The cards themselves may be small, but they own a valuable piece of real estate: pride of place in your partners’ wallets. They’re a reminder of your relationship with them,  not a forgettable transaction.


Creating rewards, not entitlements

Sending cash to someone’s account doesn’t tend to be associated with a reward. The danger of transferring money directly to recipients is that they might start to (even unconsciously) consider this just a part of your pricing model. This can be a huge missed opportunity. With rebates, you have the opportunity to create pathways in the brains of your referral partners. Issuing a reward via an eftpos gift card highlights the idea of the rebate as a pleasurable reward. By highlighting the reward, not leaving it as a line on a bank statement, you are reinforcing the behaviour in the strongest way.

Here’s why they work to increase referrals from stockists and resellers

Strong branding potential: You can make the cards fully your own, with your logo, colours, even your own message. This ensures it’s your brand that gets remembered as the provider of the reward. You even have the option to distribute the rebates as reloadable cards, so that they become a permanent feature in your recipients’ wallets.

Real appreciation: These cards work like cash.  They offer everything cash does, but with the added association with your brand. We don’t need to tell you that you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want a bit of extra cash…

Admin eliminated: We can manage everything from SMS and email notifications to cardholders, the distribution of cards, activation and balance-checking portals… Everything you need to build a truly memorable rebate program. We can even rebrand our customer service as your own, so when they ring with questions about their reward, it will sound exactly as if they were speaking to your own team.



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