Believe it or not, there are 56 more sleeps until Christmas (but who’s counting?)

So, now is the time to organise those important ‘thank you’ gifts for those 3 important assets within your company.

1. Your employees

2. Your customers

3. Your suppliers

These 3 groups of people are the main impact that has driven your businesses success. Recognising their value sooner than later will help deliver positive impact not only on your profit, but also on your long-term business relationships.

So, what should you give them to say ‘thanks’?

Liquor and hampers are a thing of the past; people want to be rewarded with something that gives them choice and flexibility. And if you think about it, nothing offers more flexibility than an eftpos gift card… Everyone loves gift cards!
Some people may consider gift cards to be impersonal, however, we totally disagree. If anything, we believe that they are actually more personal. Gift card recipients can get what they want when they want it – What’s more personal than that? 
Why Eftpos Gift Cards?

  • Eftpos gift cards are easy to store, carry, and distribute. People can put them in their pocket or send them through the mail.
  • Eftpos gift cards provide the ultimate flexibility as opposed to Store Gift Cards where people may only have the option to shop at a specific shop.
  • Bulk purchasing eftpos gift cards for Christmas saves time and money. Marketing and HR can get together and buy gift cards for everyone.
  • Our eftpos gift cards can be fully customized with a company logo or other visuals. By giving your staff, customers or suppliers a personalised gift it means that when they use it, it reinforces your brand and extends that feel-good factor associated with your company.
  • Lastly, eftpos gift cards are safe. They can be replaced if they’re lost or stolen and it’s comforting to know that if something unfortunate happens to your employee, customer or supplier’s incentive, it can easily be replaced!
    How do you organise your Eftpos Gift Cards?

    Easy! Call us today and let us organise your Christmas needs for you!
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