Year after year employers seem to be missing out on major opportunities to engage and recognise their employees for their consistent hard work.

The end of year Christmas gift is aimed at capitalising the feel-good factor, relationship building, boosting staff morale and just a fantastic way to say ‘thanks’.

Taking learnings from different sections of research – the numbers speak for themselves!
• Only 1/3 of UK employees who received a Christmas reward last year got a “thank you” from their manager.
• Saying “thank you” was the second most valued reward by staff.
• 32% of Christmas rewards were left on employees’ desks.
• More women (70%) than men (60%) thought a Christmas reward was the best way for an employer to say “thank you”.
• 90% thought the worst Christmas reward was a cash incentive paid through salary.

So often the whole process of trying to find staff Christmas gifts, combined with the inevitable pre-Christmas pressures in both the office and in people’s personal lives can be exhausting. Consequently once the gift is then handed over; it has lost its sentiment and meaning. Do yourself and your team members a favour this year – take that extra minute to give a personalised ‘thank you’ to each employee as you present them with their gift. Don’t use a script and don’t be insincere.

In a world full of smoke and mirrors, be sure to give your staff a gift that they actually want. An eftpos gift card is the perfect gift that associates your brand with your message. All of our cards come in a personalised wallet which gives you the opportunity to take the time to say something genuine and let the person know how well they have performed and how valued they are as your employee.

So, this Christmas, reward your staff the personal way!

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