As we head into Christmas, HR managers are wondering how to give their staff a boost in motivation and reward them for all of their year’s hard work. In the past, we’ve seen lots of HR managers, particularly those who are part of a large business, struggle to make their rewards personal so their staff truly feel appreciated.
We’ve been helping run rewards programs since 2006 and have some useful tips for you to help make your staff rewards personal this Christmas.
It’s all in the delivery
Personalise the packaging. Have the gift delivered directly to your employees or personally hand the reward to them to acknowledge their contribution and thank them. The more thought given to your team members as individuals, the more they will feel appreciated.
Acknowledge it publicly
Announce your rewards at a meeting, in a company-wide email or at the end-of-year Christmas party. This will effectively enhance positive feelings and motivate others to follow in their footsteps.
A memorable reward
Find a gift everyone will love and remember. With so many to cater for, finding the right gift can be tricky and time-consuming. We think eftpos gift cards that are able to be spent anywhere eftpos is accepted in Australia are an easy gift that give your staff the freedom to choose their own reward. Whilst cash also serves this purpose, its invisible nature means it’s easily lost amongst other cash in wallets or bank accounts. On the other hand, eftpos gift cards have always proven to be a more personal and memorable reward.
With Rewards Come True, you have the option to personalise your gift cards in the following ways:

  • Customise the cards with your own brand. Vary your designs for particular rewards programs, occasions or certain departments. Every time your staff open their wallet and see your gift card, it reinforces the positive association they have established with your brand as an employer.
  • Present the cards in a wallet of your own design, with your own unique message.
  • Have the cards delivered individually to your staff or bulk delivered to your office to hand out.
  • Vary the denomination value of the cards to align with the KPIs your staff hit.

By following these tips you can make your business a happier, more productive and switched-on workplace. At Rewards Come True, we can take care of all the heavy lifting needed to manage your rewards program. To get started, call us on 1800 043 656 or email


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