If you’ve got a copy of B&T Magazine handy, you might spot us amongst the pages. If you’re heading to the B&T Awards in Sydney tonight, you’ll certainly see us there; we’re this year’s major sponsor!

We see sponsoring the marketing, advertising and media industry’s night-of-nights as a perfect way to encourage excellence in our field and to celebrate our own 20th anniversary. In the words of our CEO, Pat Dalton, “The B&T Awards celebrate the finest promotions and marketers in the sector. Sponsoring the awards seemed like the ideal way to celebrate our success – by rewarding others for theirs.”

We’re presenting three awards on the night — three areas of achievement that are very close to our hearts.


This is the biggest gong on offer tonight so, naturally, we’re honoured to present it. It goes to an agency that has already won an “Agency of the Year” Award on the night. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing agencies. We’ve helped them deliver amazing solutions for their clients, from direct mail campaigns to big-picture promotions. Last year’s winner was CHE Proximity, an agency who count brands like Telstra, Mazda, and LEGO amongst their clients. They took out four awards last year and are nominated for a further thirteen this year — pretty impressive. They’re also nominated for the next category we’re sponsoring — Content Marketing Strategy of the Year.


Ask five different marketers what a content marketing strategy looks like and you’ll get five different answers. And none of them would be wrong (well, hopefully not). While content marketing strategies are as creative and diverse as the people who create them, we think there’s something that sets a good one apart from an exceptional one. A good content marketing strategy inspires engagement. An exceptional content marketing strategy inspires long-term behavioural change. In other words, loyalty. Nominees include a hammy and hilarious campaign featuring Michael Bolton singing about audiobooks for Audible (see below). And a campaign from Tourism Australia that aims to make Australia the location for young travellers, featuring former ‘Bachelor’ and current Honey Badger, Nick Cummins. While it’s hard to judge such new campaigns on their ability to generate loyalty, they’re certainly memorable!




When we started out the 90s, we were already immersed in what is today known as ‘Big Data’ or ‘data-driven marketing’. We’ve long been advocates for what people now sometimes dismiss as a buzzword. We think that true data-driven marketing uses existing data and enriches future campaigns. No campaign is a stand-alone — it’s an opportunity to learn more about your audience and nurture them further.




Last year’s winner was CHE Proximity’s ‘Hearing Test in Disguise’ for Cochlear — a short film that uses medical tests to tell a different story based on the viewer’s level of hearing (see above). Cochlear wanted to reach out to the 5 million or so Australians experiencing some form of hearing loss. Many of whom, Cochlear claim, are completely unaware of or unwilling to acknowledge that hearing loss. Their gentle, creative approach reported a 25:1 return on investment, showing that a data-driven approach can also be a human one.

This year’s nominees feature brands like San Churro, LEGO, and Woolworths — we look forward to reporting back on the results after the big night!


Update: See the full list of winners here.


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