We’re excited to announce that our CEO and Founder, Pat Dalton, has been shortlisted in Victoria for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards!

These prestigious awards celebrate the women in business who are doing it differently. In particular, they celebrate women who are driving innovation in the workforce, promoting diversity in the workplace, and putting forward a strong vision and social conscience. So, it’s not surprising that Pat has progressed to the next round of entries. We thought we would share a little of her remarkable journey to success in celebration of her nomination.

When Pat started our parent company, iGoDirect, like many young companies, it had its headquarters in her bedroom (they later relocated to her garage). But really, the business had its genesis in her early years, as a kid on a modest dairy farm in country Victoria. She had a challenging early life, waking up at 4 am every day to milk the cows before school. But something came of all that hard work — the struggles she endured as a 12-year-old produced an unshakeable work ethic. And, as you can imagine, that work ethic was useful in building three multi-million-dollar businesses from scratch.

She even thinks that those mornings watching the cows taught her to examine behaviour in a different way — to see who will take their own path and who will follow the herd. In her business life, this translates to an intuitive understanding of customer behaviour and a strong ability to see patterns in complex data. This has helped build iGoDirect Group into a market leader in data-driven marketing.

Pat is a leader in more than one sense.

She was creating business strategies based on big data before it was even known as ‘big data’ — creating strategies for iGo’s clients based on complex consumer insights back in the 90s. And she was the very first to bring eftpos gift cards to Australia.
As an organisation leader, she takes an unconventional approach. She doesn’t give staff opportunities based on their academic transcript, rather their attitude. In fact, Pat found her own experience with conventional education limiting — her lecturers weren’t receptive to her unconventional ideas that challenged their status quo.
Pat acts as a mentor to her staff because it was her own mentor that provided her with the information she needed to succeed. Pat explains that her mentor and early years of work had a profound impact on her, helping her to see her own inherent strengths:

“I realised that I did have a place – I was an aware human with a strong sense of ethics and an undeniable talent for thinking differently.”

We’re proud to have such a strong and accomplished leader to the helm as we head into 2019. We’ve got some exciting developments on the horizon — we look forward to sharing in the success in this new year.


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