Things are changing — for us and for you. For the better.

We want to introduce you to the next stage of our evolution and the next stage in your promotions trajectory. But first, a little history…

What we do, we strive to do well. For 15+ years we’ve been Australia’s leader in corporate gift cards and rewards. Over 2,000 brands have chosen us to deliver their solutions and we’re so proud to have delivered for them.

Over all that time and over all those campaigns, we’ve learnt a remarkable amount. Now, we’ve taken our know-how and poured it into a new platform to deliver your promotions at record speeds to market — under 48 hours.



With the acquisition of the Core Marketing Platform, anything’s possible.

Creating user journeys has been part of our core offering for decades. So, of course, when looking to extend our capabilities, we wanted to put user experience (UX) first. Our award-winning developers and designers deliver you a promotion that not only looks stunning but is driven by a proven UX strategy.

A few years back, we began offering digital rewards — rewards “cards” delivered straight to inboxes (not postboxes). Our clients gratefully took up the option to deliver their campaigns at lightning speed. Our latest offering is only going to make things faster. With Core’s inbuilt, market-tested capabilities take your campaign from idea to execution in 48 hours.*

We’ve always handled your distribution, customer service, prize fulfilment and even printing. In-house, in Melbourne: it’s local, friendly service you and your consumers have come to appreciate. With the new Core platform, that offering goes further. We now manage everything from competition permits, promotional insurance and watertight T&Cs.


We’ve been data-driven since before that was a buzzword. You might have even experienced our unique data insights service on your own campaign — gaining access to decades of exclusive consumer discretionary spend data. That incredible oversight will only grow with the acquisition of Core. The platform’s backend captures all the data you need to make informed and effective business decisions now and into the future. Log in at any time and know exactly how things are running in real time.

While our solutions have evolved, our commitment to you remains the same — delivering maximum measurable ROI for your marketing dollar. So, drive loyalty, sales and behaviour — fast! Get an end-to-end, data-driven solution that brings your campaign to life and manages fulfilment fuss-free!

Secure your free demo: Call 1800 850 749 or email us to take your campaign to the next level.

*subject to promotional requirements, complexity and peak periods.


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