As an advocate for incentives and rewards, we love thinking about new and innovative ways businesses can use eftpos gift cards for that purpose. Working with such a wide range of clients has exposed us to the endless possibilities out there and given us the opportunity to run some really great programs. But what good are all these ideas if we can’t share them with the world? Often, we find our clients wondering how eftpos gift cards can be used to meet multiple business objectives, but not quite knowing where to start. To help with the process, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to use eftpos gift cards. Just because your marketing department uses gift cards in their cash-back promotions, doesn’t mean they can’t be used for your staff recognition program as well. Here are just some of the ways you can use eftpos gift cards to align with your objectives.

1. Customer Acquisition

Objective: Increase the size of your customer database.
Ready to grow your customer database? Attract new customers to your business by sending an engaging DM with a fully branded eftpos gift card. This will give them incentive to shop. Even use a customised  activation portal to collect customer data for future use.

2. Prizes and Raffles Best Ways to Use Eftpos Gift Cards - Prizes and Raffles

Objective: Generate positive brand association.
Looking to generate brand awareness and positive brand association with your customers? Create a campaign that promotes a sweepstakes with purchase. Collect customer details through an online entry form and send a branded eftpos gift card to the winners. Extend your sweepstakes with a second chance draw for the non-winners to keep them engaged.

3. Cross-sell Campaigns

Best Ways to Use Eftpos Gift Cards -  Cross-sell CampaignsObjective: Increase sales of a specific product or service.
Have you identified opportunities where your business can increase sales? Then a cross-sell campaign is just what you need! You’ve chosen the product, now all that’s left is to identify the right customers to target and send them an incentive. A letter with a branded eftpos gift card will be just the right motivation for that customer to buy your new product.

4. Cash-back Promotions

Objective: Generate sales during a specific time frame.
Is there a time each year when business is slow? Would you like to increase sales during that time? Run a cash-back promotion that offers customers a branded eftpos gift card with their purchase. With the promise of a reward they can spend anywhere, you’re certain to get customers in the door. Support your campaign with a customised cardholder portal and cross-channel communications to maximise impact. To learn more about using eftpos gift cards in your promotions, click here.

5. Competitions

Objective: Engage new and existing customers.
Ready to maximise engagement and show customers a little fun? Run a competition that offers a cash prize in the form of a branded eftpos incentive. Create an air of mystery and give customers incentive to purchase by hiding the cards in some of your products. Build a customised online portal for winners to claim their prize. Make sure to give everyone that extra seed of hope by offering different valued rewards, with smaller-valued rewards being easier to find than the large ones.

6. Event Days

Best Ways to Use Eftpos Gift Cards -  Event DaysObjective: Increase event attendance.
Events are a great excuse to engage your customers or staff. If your company has an upcoming milestone or there’s an event on your marketing calendar that should be promoted, you’ll want to communicate the details and provide incentive to attend. Include an eftpos gift card with your invitation – it’s a great way to say thanks to staff at company milestones or to encourage customers to shop during your event.

7. Market Study Incentives

Best Ways to Use Eftpos Gift Cards - Market Study IncentivesObjective: Increase participant quality.
If you’re organising a market study or survey, you’ll want to give people an incentive to participate, especially if it’s going to be a long and time-consuming process. Eftpos gift cards are an excellent alternative to petty cash. They will give your staff a more secure way to reward participants and even offer branding options to add your own design or logo.

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