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  • To load or not to load funds onto gift cards?

Did you know you don’t have to load funds onto gift cards before you receive them?
Here’s some information on the benefits of our most popular options – pre-loaded and zero-balance gift cards.
Pre-loaded gift cards
Pre-loaded gift cards already have the specified funds loaded when they are distributed to your office or to each of your individual recipients.


  • A simple and easy solution for ready-to-go rewards.
  • Ideal if you already know the load amounts and want to hand them out as soon as you receive your cards.
  • All pre-loaded gift cards are secure as they must be activated before they can be spent by recipients.


Zero-balance gift cards
Zero-balance gift cards have no funds loaded onto them initially, we can do this just before the cards are ready to be gifted.


  • Zero-balance gift cards are a powerful motivator or enticement for recipients to carry out the behaviour you desire, for example hitting sales targets or for customer cashback promotions.
  • You ensure your recipients maximize the available spend time of their cards, making zero-balance gift cards perfect for programs that run over a long period of time.
  • Save on delivery fees, time and cash flow. Have the cards delivered in bulk to you so they are readily available to give to recipients when the need arises. We provide the option to hold a float account so that loading funds onto cards is fast and easy.
  • By reducing the time between desired behaviour and giving the reward, you can maximize the feel-good factor the card recipient feels towards you.
  • The process is completely secure. Although you could be handing out an incentive of high value, it will not be loaded with funds until you tell us to and activated once you do it.

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