Your top achievers can obtain anything they wish with their own Visa Gift & Reward Card, co-branded just for your company. “Top-of-wallet” awareness describes the impact of your promotion with your audience because every use reinforces the benefits of dealing with you. A selection of customized electronic payment options will help you drive efficiencies, increase program effectiveness and enhance brand communications.
When selecting what type of gift card to offer as a reward for an incentive program, there are several key factors to consider. Currently there are prepaid gift cards as well as retail gift cards available in the marketplace. There are some considerable benefits of choosing prepaid gift cards over retail gift cards. Below are just a few:

Worldwide acWorldwide acceptanceceptance

Visa prepaid gift cards, when activated, can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted both on-line and offline. This allows for ultimate flexibility in terms of where the recipient of the card can use the funds. This is not the case for retail gift cards that are tied to a single retail chain.

Brand extension

Thanks Visa prepaid gift cards can be customized with your brand colours, logo and imagery. This allows you to associate the reward directly with your company, thus creating a positive association in the mind of the recipients of the prepaid gift cards. In the case of retail gift cards, the branding on the card is either seasonal in nature or reflective of the retail chains look and feel.

Perfect fit

Perfect fitSince recipients choose where to spend the funds available on prepaid gift cards, there is no guesswork required when setting-up an incentive and reward program. The flexibility of prepaid gift cards is of benefit to both the program manager as well as the person receiving the reward. Unlike retail gift cards that offer a limited number of products or services through a particular card, Visa prepaid gift cards offer the ultimate choice and are the perfect fit every time for all program participants.

Visa prepaid gift cards can be used for:

Consumer Promotions

Visa prepaid gift cards offer an exciting approach to promoting your brand and marketing message. They are a cost-effective alternative to traditional promotional incentives and an innovative way to increase the impact of a promotional reward. Use them to help enhance your image and build loyalty, while reducing costs associated with distribution. Visa prepaid gift cards can be used for such promotions as car test drives, cashbacks and loyalty programs.

Employee Rewards

Visa prepaid gift cards can be used for recognising and rewarding employee performance and service, individual or team milestones for months without injury or accident, reduced days for illness or injury, and for following or documenting safety procedures. In addition, the card can be used to pay out bonuses and recognise sales performance or sales training completion.

Trade Incentives

Visa prepaid gift cards can help expand distributor relationships and drive sales by providing an economical, flexible, and easy-to-administer alternative to traditional incentive programs. Visa prepaid gift cards help create new revenue streams and generate incremental revenue from existing business. They can be used in place of traditional incentives or rebates to motivate distributors or channel partners to sell new and existing products and services for your company.

How do you implement a program using Visa Incentive cards?

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