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Competitions can be a hard slog…For those running in them and for those running them.

The organisation level required can blow out budgets. The time and expense of dispensing prizes can be a logistical nightmare.

And when things go wrong, you can lose favour with those you intended to reward.

We’re here to help make you and your consumers the winners.

Here’s how we helped a confectionary company run their competition and, at the same time, build a stronger consumer base.


We worked together to create a competition and a high-reach marketing campaign.

  • Each pack of their product came with a unique code.
  • We set up an online entry form where customers could that enter that code, along with their details.
  • On entering that code, customers found out if they’d won an instant prize.
  • We supplied the prizes: our eftpos gift cards. Some big, some small.
  • Even if entrants didn’t get an instant prize, they were still in the running to win a larger eftpos gift card prize at the end of the competition.
  • We provided entrant details and feedback to the manufacturer to add to their databases.

The response was overwhelming! The campaign boosted sales and grew our client’s database. In short, it gave our client what they needed to release a successful new product!

  • The prizes were actually desirable: not everyone wants a gimmicky gift. But everyone appreciates a little extra cash. Our cards are proven to be preferred over traditional store-based gift cards.
  • No admin for them: we managed everything from the portal set up to the delivery of cards. They didn’t even have to deal with troubleshooting around card value redemption. So they were free to spend their valuable time on applying their new customer data and popularity to product development!
  • A research method that returns: using a competition to develop a product focus groups can be an extremely valuable way to gather consumer data. You secure a user feedback base from those that are interested in your product!

Competitions aren’t a trivial marketing tool. They can be a legitimate and highly effective method of understanding and building rapport with your customers.

Instead of spending forever choosing a prize and organising the mailouts yourself, eftpos gift cards provide an easy yet effective tool for you… And an incredibly enticing prize for your consumers.

When you work with us, consumers and company can both be winners.