Sales Staff Motivation – Choose the right Incentive

Your front line sales staff are fundamental to the success or failure of your sales

Prepaid Gift Cards – How to Use and Where to Buy

Prepaid gift cards are so versatile they can promote your brand, boost sales and provide motivation and recognition for your staff!

Where to Buy eftpos Gift Cards

Organisations can use eftpos gift cards for rewarding staff, customers and resellers alike. When looking at where to buy eftpos gift cards, there are a range of factors which should be considered to ensure you are getting the best possible solution for the best price.

6 Ways to Stuff Up Your Corporate Gift Card Program

Setting up a Corporate Gift Card program might seem fairly straightforward and, for the most

Superhero Fun Across Melbourne

Offices across Melbourne were given an unexpected treat when Rewards Come True’s Superhero dropped by

Our superhero hits the streets of Brisbane to spread the power of eftpos gift cards!

Eftpos gift cards with more flexibility, more service and more boom! Check out our superhero in action in Brisbane spreading the power of eftpos!

Kick-Start Your Team's Motivation

Reinvigorate your staff. Get your team out of holiday mode and refocused on work with these top staff motivation tips and techniques that help to build an engaged and efficient workforce.

Eftpos Gift Cards being put to good use in November and December

Need inspiration for your next promotion, reward program or trade channel incentive? Here’s some ways Australian businesses recently used eftpos gift cards to drive activity.

What do they really want? A $25 Gift Card or a $50 Gift?

The biggest advantage of open loop gift cards is that your recipients can use them anywhere eftpos is accepted so they can be sure to be able to reward themselves with something they really want, regardless of age gender or location. This flexibility is helping to drive demand from both givers and receivers and certainly outweighs any outdated connotations around gift cards being too what the stats say..

Gift Cards Top the wish list again!

Gift cards top the Christmas Gift wish list for the seventh year in a row ! What’s more, gift buyers obviously realise how desirable gift cards are at this time of the year with four out of five shoppers saying they will purchase a gift card this Christmas. Read how eftpos gift cards go beyond the limitations of standard gift cards for choice, branding and personalisation opportunities,

Eftpos Gift Cards driving Australian Businesses – Oct 2013 Insights

We help Australian Businesses harness the power of eftpos gift cards to drive their business through loyalty programs, customer promotions,cashbacks, trade incentives and staff rewards. Here is a wrap up of the market for October 2013

What Do Aussie Staff Really Want For Christmas?

According to a UK survey 39.5% of respondents selected gift cards as the most desired form of employee incentive whereas 31.7% would rather have an extra day’s holiday. How will you be rewarding your team this year?

Staff Gifts Should Never be Hidden in Your Pay Cheques!

Eftpos gift cards are the the perfect tool to support employee reward and recognition programs. Unlike cash rewards which get gobbled up like regular pay, corporate gift cards can be used for special treats and to reinforce company branding

Free Set-Up on eftpos Gift Card Orders for Staff

Eftpos gift cards make the perfect gift for staff as they allow staff to choose exactly what they want. Our corporate gift cards can be used in 650,000 stores nationally. HC Online e-newsletter readers get free set up in November on staff eftpos gift cards.

Eftpos gift card concerns answered: Our Motto is Keep it fair!

Our solutions are almost as flexible as our corporate gift cards themselves! We can qualm any concerns you may have to ensure your next staff rewards or marketing initiative can get the full flexibility of eftpos gift cards. Our Eftpos gift cards can be custom branded, have long activation periods, are fully secure and heaps more!

Free eftpos Gift Card with Staff Christmas Gift Card Orders

Eftpos gift cards make the perfect gift for staff as they allow staff to choose exactly what they want. Our corporate gift cards can be used in 650,000 stores nationally. Were you lucky enough to receive one of our promotional packs with a free eftpos gift card with staff Christmas gift card orders?

The next big thing – just like with trams, wait a few minutes and another will come along

Eftpos gift cards can help you bring your direct mail campaigns to life, by increasing response rates and reinforcing your brand long after the campaign has ended. Direct mail needs to work harder not be axed – eftpos gift cards will have your direct mail working up a sweat!

Gift cards, cash, hampers, grog…how about an old fashioned thank you?

Don’t forget to say thanks when you present you staff with an eftpos giftcard!All the research seems to agree – employers are missing out on prime opportunities to engage and recognise employees by not capitalising on the feel good, relationship building possibilities presented by the giving of Christmas gifts.

Eftpos Gift Cards – Just like real estate it’s Location Location Location!

Eftpos gift cards offer such flexibility that your recipients can chose to go out for dinner with a loved one, watch a movie, buy a new accessory, fill up with fuel or shop in almost any store regardless of location, age or gender. We can even send them straight to their own letterbox!

Staff Rewards at Christmas; add a personal touch to gift cards

This Christmas you can have the best of both worlds – you can provide a personalised gift for your staff at Christmas whilst still giving them the ultimate choice to pick pretty much any gift they would like within your budget…here’s how