Enticing customers, resellers or staff to make just small changes in their behaviour can have a huge impact on profitability. Whether you are trying to cross sell, upsell, switch, convert or rollover a customer, enticing them to change behaviour in cost effective way can seem a major challenge. In conjunction with direct marketing and customer engagement experts, iGoDirect, our eftpos gift cards can help you evoke positive behavioural change, increase your ROI and improve campaign or operation effectiveness.

Case Study – Changing Behaviour : Converting payment to direct debit


A large proportion of Life Insurance product customers pay their insurance on a 6 monthly or annual basis. This causes a phenomenon known as ‘bill shock’ which means that the customer gets a sizeable bill that may not be expected. It leads to a high proportion of customers either stopping their insurance or shopping around. Our client needed to incentivise their customers to convert to paying their insurance via direct debit on a monthly basis to prevent ‘bill shock’ and encourage loyalty. Previous campaigns using a number of different types of incentive had only achieved a maximum conversion rate of 3.5%.


Utilising the direct marketing facilities and expertise of iGoDirect Group, we recommended an eftpos gift card program with direct mail whereby we tested two different types of mail pack for two equal customer segments. The first mail pack was a creative letter with an image of a branded Rewards Come True eftpos gift card and a headline “Pay by Direct Debit and receive a $40 eftpos gift card!” The second mail pack included a similar letter with the branded Rewards Come True eftpos gift card actually attached to the letter with a headline “Pay by Direct Debit and we’ll activate your $40 eftpos gift card”.


The results were very successful – The first mail pack achieved over 5% conversion and the second mail pack, which had the card actually attached, achieved 10.5% conversion rate!

The learnings from this test have enabled us to consistently achieve between 10% and 12% conversion rates with similar campaigns.