To change the behaviour of staff in a way that inspires them to perform at a higher level and deliver outstanding customer service.


Rewards Come True eftpos gift cards can be used by a company to acknowledge and reward staff who are living company values. The biggest advantage of Rewards Come True eftpos gift cards is that recipients can use them anywhere eftpos is accepted so they can reward themselves with pretty much anything they want, no matter where they are located.  Companies can also customise their own eftpos gift cards and put their logo front and centre. By branding the gift cards it means that, every time company staff use their card, it reinforces the brand and extends that feel-good factor associated with the company.


By rewarding staff with a tangible gift, they assumed a more positive association with the work they do and the company they work for. In addition, the staff are now further motivated by the idea of being rewarded with eftpos gift cards in the future. Overall, the company has increased in productivity and delivered outstanding customer service.