Rewards Come True corporate gift cards are a simple, flexible mechanism which can drive your customer acquisition programs to deliver more leads and opportunities to your sales team. They allow you to offer an attractive, easy to manage incentive for potential customers, and the amount of the reward can be tailored to reflect their potential value.

Case Study – Customer Acquisition


A marketing & promotions company found themselves at an increasing disadvantage to their competitor and needed to grow market share.


Feed qualified leads to its sales department whilst building brand awareness and increasing their database.


In conjunction with our marketing services and customer engagement partner, iGoDirect, we defined specific criteria for a target market, procured a database to suit and developed a highly engaging direct mail pack which included PURL’s and a branded eftpos gift card. Pack recipients were invited to go online to a microsite using their PURL to provide additional information into a partially prefilled response form. In exchange, their eftpos gift card would be loaded with $20.  Recipients were sent personalised automated follow up communication based on their behaviour and profile.


Our client was able to substantially grow their prospecting database, and gather vital market intelligence to qualify and grade leads. The campaign was so powerful many respondents were converted straight to won opportunities! This client has used this campaign 3 times in the last 6 months with similarly impressive results.