Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Eftpos Gift Cards

1. Do I have to order hundreds of cards in order to get my own design or co-branding?
We have no minimum order requirement on co-branded card designs. This means you can order 2 or 20,000 gift cards, it’s entirely up to you. For your own custom design, there is a minimum order requirement of 50 gift cards.

2. What denominations can I load onto the cards? Is there a minimum or maximum load amount?
Load amounts can be any denomination between $5 and $4,999. We can even issue cards with no reward amount for Direct Mail campaigns.

3. When do I need to pay for the Gift Cards and any production/fulfilment services?
All invoices must be paid in full before gift cards are dispatched.

4. Can I specify where recipients can use the cards/lock the cards for use at only select retailers or stores?
This is called a Closed Loop card and, in some limited circumstances, we can provide this solution for an additional cost. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

5. How are cards packaged for delivery?
We have a few different options for the packaging and delivery of your cards.
Typically, cards are presented in a professional-looking wallet which can also be custom-branded with your design or logo.
For bulk deliveries, cards (whether in wallets or with no carrier) are neatly packaged together and grouped into labelled sets of denominations to make it easier for you to hand them out after they arrive.

For mass-distribution, each gift card is neatly packaged and sent in the post. Our state-of-the-art mail distribution services ensure that each item is correctly labelled and sent to the right person (you may wish to read question 7 for further information on bulk and direct delivery).

6. Do I have to use Registered Mail to deliver my gift cards?
No, you don’t have to! We send cards out ‘inactive’ and can provide security measures through the activation process to ensure that the card can only be activated for and by the intended recipient. Subsequently, registered or tracked mail is not required which reduces your costs.

7. Do the cards get delivered to me or can they be mailed directly to the recipients?
Whichever you prefer! We can group the cards together for bulk delivery to you or we can distribute individual cards to as little or as many addresses as you like (see question 4 on packaging). We can also arrange multiple bulk deliveries should you wish to send groups of cards to, for example, a representative in each state/territory.

8. How much do the cards cost?
There are fees associated with the production and set up of the cards but prices can vary based on volumes ordered. We pride ourselves on being one of the most economical gift card providers in the business. Contact Us for a quote.

9. Do all Gift Cards need to be printed and mailed out in one go?
Not at all. Our cards are printed with an expiry date so, to provide your recipients with the maximum possible time to use the cards, we can arrange to do multiple print runs on an agreed schedule or ad hoc if your promotion or campaign is run over a period of time or you wish to offer on-the-spot rewards throughout the year. The set-up fee is only charged on the first print run and covers all future print runs unless your artwork/card design is changed.

10. Can I have cards sent out at different times over a prolonged period, i.e. Stagger the delivery?
Of course you can! In fact, we encourage it! That way, you and your recipients can make the most of the 12 months activation and expiry period. See question 9 for more information.

11. How can I be sure the eftpos Gift Cards can only be used by the intended recipient/s?
We send cards out ‘inactive’ and provide security measures through the activation process to ensure that the card can only be activated for and by the intended recipient. You are also welcome to add in extra security questions for further peace of mind.

12. Do you offer reporting facilities to track the success of a campaign?
Yes, we do! There is an additional fee for reporting, the cost can vary depending on the depth & frequency of reporting you require. Contact us for more information on this.

13. How does a recipient know where and how they can use their eftpos Gift Card?
The back of the eftpos gift card (and the gift card wallet if you choose to use these) has information on how to activate and use the card along with information on how to get in touch with us if they require help or more details.

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