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In short, we’re the best in the business! Rewards Come True is the longest established provider of eftpos gift cards in Australia. We have a breadth of services that help to make your rewards card program a success.

Gift Card Branding

We have branding options to suit all campaign types and budgets. Whether you need our economical pre-designed on demand cards or you want to showcase your corporate branding, we have a gift card solution that’s right for you.

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Activate Your eftpos or Visa Gift Card, using our new activation portal

Our team at Rewards Come True is proud to launch a new gift card activation portal today.   Eftpos and...

Popular Loyalty Programs Acknowledge The Desired Behaviour

When we think of the most popular loyalty programs in Australia, or even in the world, we’re not just thinking about your Myer One cards, Frequent Flyers and...

What Makes The Best Loyalty Programs

The best loyalty programs aren’t always ones involving rewards cards that you scan at the checkout. Those type of strategies can be excellent, but we...