If you are looking for promotional ideas to improve brand awareness and engage your customers more effectively, offering eftpos gift cards may be a simple and cost-effective solution. Not only do gift cards build customer retention and brand loyalty, but research has also found they hold more “trophy value” than a traditional cash incentive. This is because customers tend to spend their gift cards on a memorable purchase rather than routine items, subsequently creating positive brand association for your company.
Like all promotional ideas, however, eftpos gift cards must be used effectively to create a marketing solution that is beneficial to your business and relevant to your customer. Gift card solutions that are deemed ineffective often fail to meet the recipient’s expectations and needs or do not communicate the brand adequately. Take a look at the three aspects to keep in mind when choosing an eftpos gift card for your next promotion.

1) Flexibility

The major benefit of eftpos gift cards over store specific gift cards is that they can be used anywhere eftpos is accepted. With over 650,000 eftpos terminals in Australia, the possibilities are endless. But flexibility doesn’t need to stop there. Many eftpos gift cards come with a very limited activation/expiry period of only three months, often forcing the customer to make an unnecessary purchase just to use up the card before expiry. By choosing a gift card solution with a longer expiry period, you will provide your customers with the flexibility and freedom to use their reward when he/she is ready. Result? The card is more likely to be used for something meaningful, leaving your customer happy and effectively engaged. With the objective of maximising customer satisfaction and engagement, Rewards Come True eftpos gift cards offer an industry-leading 12-month activation and expiry period, providing greater value and flexibility to you and your customers.


2) Enhanced Brand Awareness through Customisation

With competition popping up across all industries, brand awareness and recognition is becoming increasingly important in today’s economy. To stay ahead of the game, it is essential to consider these concepts when brainstorming promotional ideas and strategies. While a standard eftpos gift card is a great way to reward your customers, you can now take your brand awareness to the next level with customisation. When your customer flashes their card at any outlet, those around him or her are exposed not only to your brand, but also to the fact that you reward your customers.
Branding your eftpos gift card is now more efficient than ever with the simple and time-friendly option to add your own logo to your favourite generic design. Or create the full effect and make your card truly unique with your own corporate colours, graphics and fully-customised design. Customised eftpos gift cards are an easy way to improve brand recognition in the marketplace and leave your customers feeling rewarded by your company and brand.


3)  Increased Customer Appreciation through Partial Redemptions

Most promotional ideas will fall short if your customer doesn’t feel appreciated. Gain an advantage over your competitors by ensuring your gift card solution offers partial redemptions. There are two distinct advantages to this:
1.  Your customer is likely to appreciate the convenience it offers.
2.  Your brand is positively reinforced to that customer on each occasion they use their branded card to make a purchase.
Gift cards have inspired promotional ideas supporting customer acquisition and retention for many brands over the years. Those with the most successful gift card solutions establish flexible, customisable, and partially redeemable options to maximise their effectiveness as a marketing tool. Contact us to discover how Rewards Come True can help you build an effective promotional program with your own custom-designed eftpos gift cards.


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