Cross-sell campaigns are designed to incentivise existing customers to purchase additional products or services. Cross-selling results in an increase in product sales (and by extension, revenue for that period), whether for new products launching into the market or for current products.  The success of any cross-sell campaign ultimately comes down to the ability of your business to carry out the following steps:
1. Identify your target customers.
Cross-sell campaigns target customers who have already purchased a product from you as a provider and would consider the additional product as something that would enhance the value that they currently receive. Analyse your customer base for logical purchasing pathways for secondary and tertiary products and services.
2. Engage your target customers.
Leverage the demand of the primary product to sell the additional product.

  • Market the additional product as something that compliments and is relevant to the primary product. For example, if a customer previously purchased a coffee machine, send them an email afterwards promoting coffee pods. Position your business as the convenient “one-stop shop” that has everything your customers need.
  • Train your sales team to cross-sell products in store when having conversations with customers.
  • Prompt your customers shopping online with “you may also enjoy” or “see what other shoppers bought” to view your additional product.

3. Incentivise the cross-sell.

Further engage your target customers and make your additional product more attractive with an appealing incentive. Bundle the primary product and the additional product together, offering the combined offer at a discount. Alternatively, offer customers an eftpos gift card as a thank you or reward for purchasing from your business again.
By carefully planning your campaign, your business is guaranteed to increase average spend per customer, generate higher customer engagement and extend the life cycle of each customer. Contact our team of rewards specialists today at Rewards Come True to run your own cross-sell campaign. Click here.


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