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  • 5 Reasons to Give Custom EFTPOS Gift Cards

In a world saturated with marketing messages, standing out from the crowd is essential for businesses looking to make a lasting impression. One effective way to achieve this is through the strategic use of custom branded gift cards. These personalised tokens not only serve as gifts but also double as powerful marketing tools that can elevate your brand in numerous ways. Let’s explore the benefits of giving custom branded gift cards and how they can help your business thrive.

  1. Brand Visibility: Custom branded gift cards prominently feature your company’s logo, colours, and branding elements. By distributing these cards, you increase brand visibility every time they are used or displayed. Whether it’s in a recipient’s wallet, on their desk, or shared on social media, your brand enjoys continuous exposure, helping to reinforce brand recognition and recall among both recipients and their networks.

  2. Enhanced Brand Perception: Gift cards bearing your brand’s logo convey a sense of professionalism, quality, and reliability. When recipients receive a custom branded gift card, they associate your brand with positive attributes, such as generosity and thoughtfulness. This enhanced brand perception can influence their perception of your products or services, leading to increased trust and loyalty over time.

  3. Targeted Marketing: Custom branded gift cards provide an opportunity for targeted marketing efforts. By tailoring the design, messaging, and offerings of the gift cards to specific demographics or occasions, you can effectively reach your target audience and cater to their preferences. Whether it’s seasonal gift cards, birthday promotions, or exclusive offers for loyal customers, custom branding allows you to personalise your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

  4. Brand Differentiation: In a competitive marketplace, differentiation is key to standing out from competitors. Custom branded gift cards offer a unique way to differentiate your brand from others in your industry. By infusing your brand’s personality, values, and aesthetic into the design of the gift cards, you create a distinct identity that sets you apart and resonates with your target audience.

  5. Customer Engagement and Loyalty: Giving custom branded gift cards fosters a sense of engagement and loyalty among your customers. When recipients redeem their gift cards, they are essentially engaging with your brand and experiencing what it has to offer firsthand. This interaction deepens their connection to your brand and increases the likelihood of repeat purchases and ongoing loyalty.

Custom eftpos gift cards will give your brand that extra push it needs to stay ahead of the game. By leveraging the power of customisation, you can create memorable experiences for your customers while reinforcing your brand identity and driving business growth. So, whether you’re looking to reward loyal customers, attract new ones, or differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace, custom branded gift cards are a valuable asset that can help you achieve your marketing objectives with style and sophistication.

If you are short on time or budget, opt for the co-branded version of the cards. All you’ll need to do is supply your logo and approve the final design. Or for a still very affordable price, you can create your own unique design, fully customised with your artwork. Whichever you choose, we are happy to help you find the best solution for you.

To place an order for eftpos gift cards, please fill out our enquiry form or call us at 1800 043 656.