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Brand awareness is the degree to which a brand is recognised by prospective consumers and accurately linked with a specific product or service. Brand awareness is vital since it assists audiences in understanding, recalling, and being familiar with your company and the services or products it offers. If you can increase brand recognition within your target demographic and can aid your brand in becoming the top choice when these potential clients are ready to make a purchase. 

There are many strategies you can apply to improve the visibility and awareness of your brand. Here are seven of the smartest and most effective ones. 

1. SHAREABLE infographics

Social media shares are essential for reaching new audiences. They guarantee that your material is noticed by individuals other than your followers, and they increase organic reach amid unpleasant algorithm updates. This is particularly true on Facebook, where the algorithm prioritises shares from friends and family over brand postings.

The infographic is one of the most shareable information types available. They’re more aesthetically appealing, easier to understand, and more enjoyable to read than a standard article. Remember that the brain absorbs graphics 60,000 times quicker than plain text and that 94% of blog articles containing visuals get greater interaction.

When you embed your brand within content that solves real problems that are adjacent to your service, you improve customer recall

2. Launch a podcast

To increase brand recognition, you need to provide value to potential and existing clients. The more value you can provide, the more likely they will remember you, promote you, and eventually become loyal customers.

Creating a podcast does not have to be as simple as just discussing your product or service or commenting on the industry in which you work. Be creative. For instance, if you are a fitness business, you can collaborate with athletes who are making a difference in their communities. On the other hand, a cosmetics company can investigate the science behind the creation of various serums, hair care products, and cosmetics.

Consider which areas your employees may be specialists in or which external experts your podcast may leverage. This way, you can develop content that offers value to listeners’ lives while performing wonders for your brand recognition.

3. customer incentives

When trying to raise brand recognition, it’s not the time to ask for money from potential customers. Instead, offering them a taste of what your business offers without financial commitment might help you establish your brand and raise awareness.

If you provide a subscription service, you may offer a free trial. How can someone genuinely know what your company is about if they haven’t used your service? They may recognise your name, but providing them with limited access to your services might increase their awareness.

If your company deals with products, you can offer free samples. Physical gift cards are also a smart strategy to help people learn about your business while increasing the likelihood of making a purchase. 

4. good customer service

One method of increasing brand recognition is to concentrate on delivering excellent service to your current consumers. Customer interaction and how you make your clients feel are critical components in the success of any business.

Good customer service leads to great customer satisfaction, and happy consumers prefer to tell others about their experiences. Word-of-mouth advertising is regarded as one of the most effective methods of establishing your brand and reputation. This is because they are words spoken by consumers rather than the brand.

5. Leverage social media

Social media is another popular strategy to improve brand visibility. It is the most effective way to contact a large number of people. Social media has billions of users. Moreover, there are no geographical boundaries to the regions you can reach.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the three most popular sites to advertise on right now. The greatest aspect of this strategy is that it is entirely free to use. These free sites enable you to reach a larger number of individuals than you are presently contacting.

Brands should generate content that engages individuals in order to attract consumers and establish awareness. Contests, polls, videos, surveys, and, most importantly, excellent content that informs people about your company are some ways to keep consumers engaged. Additionally, people are likely to share material they like, which leads to more people reading your content and being acquainted with your business.

6. OPTIMISE your content

Put SEO keywords in your advertising strategically. Incorporate important keywords appropriately into your brand text to make it stand out from the massive ocean of relevant information. Search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics aid companies in increasing their visibility. 

Websites such as Wordtracker and Google Trends provide current trending search keywords for any domain, subject, or location. They display the buzzword or most searched term or phrase at any given moment. They also show the most often searched collection of terms. You can apply this information to create content for your brand. However, it is critical to understand how keywords should be employed in your brand copy, content, or marketing assets. Using the correct quantity of keywords and the relevant keywords has a significant impact on your brand exposure strategy.

A smart SEO strategy can aid in improving your ranking, brand visibility index, hits and leads. Over time, your content will rank higher on search engines and attract more clients. 

7. frequent brand updates

A good brand keeps its consumers up to speed on what’s happening and the latest updates. It enables clients to get current information and remain involved with the company. It also provides clients with something to discuss among themselves.

Customers are notified about new items, current product updates, community event participation, and many other things. More updates lead to more brand recognition. Using press release services has additional advantages. Your news published on reliable websites adds credibility to your brand. It fosters client trust in your brand.

If you follow these tips, you won’t have to worry about raising brand awareness anymore.