Setting up an effective marketing campaign that is focused on customer acquisition, retention or loyalty can be a daunting task. To be successful, marketers need effective tools and channels where their brand and message can  be clearly communicated.   What makes things more complex is the fact that the channels and incentives need to make a significant impact and be appreciated by the target markets to drive the right behaviour.

Our eftpos gift cards provide the perfect platform to support a range of customer activities. They can be designed with your organisation’s logo, campaign creative or any design you choose for extra impact.  Unlike store gift cards recipients will be delighted to receive a reward they can spend at a retailer of their choice. Rewards Come True gift cards can be used anywhere eftpos is accepted.

What’s even better is that the professionals at Rewards Come True have the experience and expertise to assist you with a  successful program and marketing drive.

Call us today and discover your options.



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