As the most important date on the Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year has become a widely celebrated occasion in Australia. While it would be nice to completely recognise the culture by adopting the week long holiday from work, there are other ways your business can celebrate without shutting down! Instead, embrace diversity by incorporating the Chinese customs of good fortune, happiness and wealth into your organisation and celebrating the culture with your customers, staff, & business partners.  Here are some great ways to cheer on the Goat!

 Order Chinese FoodOrder Chinese

Obviously. There are countless options out there for ordering Chinese food. Promote a collaborative environment for you employees, by order dumplings for your staff and enjoying a delicious lunch together. Invite your clients or channel partners out to a Chinese lunch or dinner. Throw a party for your customers with Chinese-themed food and decor.

Give Hongbao

Give a Cash BonusMost Chinese businesses wish their employees luck and prosperity for the coming year by giving cash bonuses or ‘hongbao’ for Chinese New Year. You can choose the amount, but remember, even numbers and even amounts are luckier! Skip the cash and give branded eftpos gift cards as hongbao this year. Your recipients will be able to use them anywhere they want, and you can add your corporate logo or even create your own goat-themed Chinese New Year design.
Hongbao can also be an innovative way for your business to run a cash-back promotion. Reward customers that shop during the 15 days of Chinese New Year with their own Hongbao in the form of a branded eftpos gift card showcasing your brand & promotion.

Have a Competition

Host a CompetitionCompetitions are a fun way to get staff, customers, or business partners to engage with you. Encourage your employees to form teams and participate in “Chinese New Year Trivia” at your office. Provide incentive by offering a juicy prize for the winning team.
Promote a competition to your customers and business partners in which they are asked to answer several questions about Chinese New Year. Those that get all answers correct will be entered in a raffle to win prize money. Be sure to also use this opportunity to collect data that will prove useful for your business.
Here are some great Chinese New Year questions to help get you started!
1) How many days are considered statutory holidays during Chinese New Year?
2) What animal is 2015 the year of?
3) In what year would you need to be born to be considered the animal in question #2?
4) Name one Chinese tradition that takes place during Chinese New Year.
5) What colour is essential to Chinese New Year?
6) Name a traditional celebrations for 3 of the 15 days of Chinese New Year (eg: Day 2 it is traditional to visit friends and relatives).
Implement one of these great ideas and see how your staff, customers, and business partners will join in on the fun!
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Xin Nian Kuai Le, everyone!


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