A diverse mix of staff requires a flexible gift come Christmas season. If you’re considering, or have already decided on eftpos gift cards, you know they are just that – flexible, easy, and agreeable for all. But your staff Christmas gifts can benefit more than just your employees. There is a huge opportunity to increase brand awareness simply by adding your logo to your cards or even creating your own unique and fully customised design. You’re already giving your staff the benefits of a gift card they can use anywhere, why not use the cards to let everyone else know how great you treat your employees? Here’s why you should maximise your Christmas gift potential with custom eftpos gift cards.


1) Brand Awareness

Custom eftpos gift cardsThis is probably obvious, but should not be overlooked. Brand awareness is becoming increasingly important. Today’s society is overrun with an alarming amount of options for EVERYTHING. If you’re looking for shoes, groceries, a new digital camera, a flight – it’s almost too overwhelming to even compare the possibilities! So, what do you do? You ask around, and if that doesn’t work, you remember a brand that you’ve seen or heard about first hand. Customised eftpos gift cards can make your employees into your very own brand ambassadors. When they are out shopping with friends or paying for a meal with their eftpos gift card. Your brand, your colours, your design will prevail. Sub-consciously, your brand is etched into the brains of your employee and their friends. Never underestimate the power of brand awareness.

2) Positive Brand Association

Custom eftpos gift cardsWhile brand awareness is an important building block in advertising your company, you don’t want to be a well-known company with a poor image in the public eye. You want your brand to be viewed in a positive light. So how can customised eftpos gift cards help? Memorability, of course. Your customised gift cards acts as an in-wallet billboard, fostering loyalty and reminding recipients how they earned that reward and who gave it to them. The majority of recipients even remember what they purchase with the card and attribute that positive memory to the company that gave it to them! The result? Happy employees, with happy thoughts about your company – they may even spread the word to others.

3) Productivity

custom eftpos gift cardsStaff rewards in any form are already proven to increase employee productivity. Customised eftpos gift cards, however, gift that extra little nudge. That reminder ingrained in your staff’s brain telling them that their hard work is the reason they can buy  new clothes, or splurge on a fancy dinner. And when they do, brand awareness and positive brand association will lead to increased productivity – all thanks to your custom eftpos gift cards. Employees will remember to bring their A game and work just that much harder to get that next reward.

Custom eftpos gift cards will give your brand that extra push it needs to stay ahead of the game. If you are short on time or budget, opt for the co-branded version of the cards. All you’ll need to do is supply your logo and approve the final design. Or – for a still very affordable price, you can create your own unique design, fully customised with your artwork. Whichever you choose, we are happy to help you find the best solution for you.
To place an order for eftpos gift cards, please fill out our enquiry form or call us at 1800 043 656.


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