While people do come to us for eftpos and Visa gift cards, increasingly, people come to us for solutions to problems.

So, here’s a problem that may present itself at some point in your working life…

There is — at the time of writing — no method of sending chocolates via email. If you want to send chocolates, you rely on the postal service. Don’t think we’re calling the postal service unreliable. We’re not even saying it’s slow. We’re just saying it’s not instant.

When you need an instant reward, prize, or gift that people even prefer over chocolate, our solution is instant.

Virtual Visa gift cards. They’re Visa gift cards — preloaded and ready to be spent.

They are sent straight to the recipients’ inboxes. From there, recipients can spend them using the card details and secure codes delivered to them. Their digital nature makes them easy to use for online purchases — and that includes online bill payments.

But back to chocolate.

Running competitions can help you achieve a range of business objectives — improved sales, improved brand awareness, growing a database… It all depends on how you swing it. So, picture yourself as a modern-day Willy Wonka.
If you’re Willy Wonka and you want to sell more chocolate, you run a competition. Buy a Wonka chocolate bar, and you could find yourself a Golden Ticket. People will go out of their way to choose your chocolates because they know that they could be in the running for the prizes. So, there are 5 Golden Tickets, but those Golden Tickets get you something better than a factory tour with a confectionary wizard. They are $5000 Virtual Visa cards.
Maybe you’re also going to give away some smaller prizes, too: a few $100s, maybe some $50s.


Here’s how you do it. 

In the chocolate bar packaging, you can print a code. Hell, if you’ve got some form of non-toxic, neutral-tasting ink, you can even print it right onto the chocolate (and pray they don’t melt). The consumers then go to an online portal and enter that code. If it’s one of the cash prizes… They’re instantly sent that virtual Visa. No waiting around, no postage costs.
The (chocolate) icing on the cake.
If you are Wonka, you might want to send a lifetime supply of free chocolate bars on top of those digital Visa cards. Working with us, we can manage whatever you want to send out — we have an in-house distribution facility. So if you wanted to send chocolates (even a lifetime supply sent in monthly increments), we can very easily manage that — all in-house and local.
So with a track record in both direct mail and email direct marketing, we’ve got the capability to run campaigns that make you look good. And you also know that the very moment that you can send chocolate via email, we’ll be on board.

Ok, away from chocolate. Back to cards. 

Virtual Visas are, as we said at the beginning, star problem solvers.

While we get pretty excited about seeing them applied in them nationwide competitions that involve man’s most-loved food, there are a few other key problems they can clear away for you:

  • I left it too late: last-minute gifts and rewards for staff and valued customers.
  • I want to give instant gratification: for triggered behaviours like Competition entries, reaching a certain level of shopping cart spend
  • I need to organise a cashback program or paying insurance entitlements securely

And a few other supporting problems:

  • Cases in which inbox security is preferred to mailbox security
  • Lack of internal capacity for working with postal service
  • Mounting postal costs for long-running or continuous campaigns


So — without intending to sound terribly blunt — what’s your problem? We’ll find a solution that works to kick your goals.


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