A new Financial Year calls for a refresh of your sales incentive scheme to boost or revive your staff’s enthusiasm and motivation. This year, instead of just implementing the same scheme as always, take on a fresh approach and make a big deal out of giving your staff something meaningful to work towards.
Clearly communicate to your staff how the program works, what the objectives are and how the program ties back to your company’s goals and mission statement.
Share the success of your staff to make them feel even more proud of their achievements, to further motivate them and inspire others. The success of your staff should be a celebration at meetings, in newsletters, at conferences, in email updates and on other forms of company social platforms.
Continuously provide constructive feedback to your staff as they progress. This will not only remind them of their eligibility to receive a reward, but they will also feel that you, as their boss, truly want them to learn and succeed. Knowing that they have your help and support along the way will encourage them to work hard and reach their targets.
There is so much more involved in a rewards program than simply handing a gift to a staff member and saying “good job!” This type of approach leads to the honeymoon period of rewards quickly fading out and constantly having to implement a new rewards program. If you truly wish to make a difference to the performance of your staff and the overall company in the long term, create an ongoing rewards program and integrate it into your company’s everyday culture. Avoid only focusing on sales targets or cost savings, and remember to reward other types of behavior too, such as great customer service, helping others to achieve their goals, leadership and so on.
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