Competitive and determined staffYour front line sales staff are fundamental to the success or failure of your sales and promotional activities. These “coal face” employees are the vital link between your brand and revenue growth. So, how do you boost your sales staff productivity and engagement?

One way is through your choice of incentive. 

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Ideally you want to reward your salespeople outside of their weekly pay cheque – they may see a bonus paid as part of their overall wage as something to be expected and not equate it to a reward for performance or particular behaviour.  There is also a real risk with cash rewards that they get forgotten as soon as they are paid – or even before.

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Eftpos gift cards make the perfect alternative to cash incentives for sales staff. Gift cards create more of a ceremony for the recognition and rewarding of sales staff simply by the fact that a presentation of a physical card is required, unlike a sales commission that is paid directly into an account and goes by without any form of acknowledgement.

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Eftpos gift cards offer flexibility to reward all levels of staff and a wide range of achievements as cards can be loaded with discretionary amounts.  They also offer the flexibility of universal appeal as each recipient can spend their reward on anything they want rather than being demotivated by a gift or team experience day that is not of interest to them.

Using this simple technique of public recognition can have long-lasting effects on staff retention as it lifts the staff members’ perceptions of appreciation from their employer.  This feeling of goodwill towards the employer is prolonged when using a branded eftpos card as the recipient is reminded of where and how they received their reward each time they use it, simultaneously reinforcing the good behaviours that earned them the reward in the first place.
Eftpos gift cards are a really easy but very effective sales staff incentive program tool to organise and manage.
Read how we’ve been helping a major Australian Automotive network manage their sales staff incentives or contact us for more information


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