Prepaid gift cards are so versatile they can promote your brand,  boost sales and provide motivation and recognition for your staff!

Rewards Come True is the leading Australian supplier of eftpos Prepaid Gift Cards. We offer a range of generic cards ready for immediate purchase  or we can customise gift cards with your corporate branding.
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Unlike with many other prepaid cards, you have complete control of how much you wish to load onto any one card – you are not restricted to just predetermined denominations – you can load any amount up to $5,000 onto our eftpos cards

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When compared with any other gift card, Eftpos prepaid gift cards are the clear standout;
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Once funds are loaded to our eftpos Prepaid Gift Cards, the recipient is able to use those funds to make purchases in any outlet across Australia accepting eftpos –  it’s that simple!
You can check out your Branding Options or Contact Us today to see how we can help you use eftpos prepaid gift cards to drive your marketing and rewards programs.


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