At Rewards Come True our solutions are almost as flexible as our corporate gift cards themselves!
Often when we first speak to our clients there are some misconceptions about exactly how much flexibility we can offer with our eftpos gift cards, sometimes because they have used less flexible gift cards in the past.
Don’t stress! Here are the 4 most common concerns we hear:

1 Will my recipients lose their reward if they don’t activate their card within 3 months?
No! Not with Rewards Come True Eftpos Gift Cards – we don’t think that would be fair! Our cards can be activated and used at any time during their 12 month expiry date. Your corporate gift cards represent your brand and we believe the whole experience should be one of surprise and delight so recipients shouldn’t be disadvantaged or disappointed!
2 Will there be fees deducted from my recipients reward amount?
No! Not with Rewards Come True  Eftpos Gift Cards – we don’t think that would be fair! If you choose to reward your recipient with say $50, then $50 they will have. That’s right – no transaction fees, no charge to activate a card, no charge to check their balance. There isn’t even a charge to speak to someone in our customer service department. Your recipients get to enjoy their whole reward in full.
3 Do I have to order hundreds of cards in order to get my own branding or logo?41621
No! Not with Rewards Come True Eftpos Gift Cards – we don’t think that would be fair! Branding is just as important for smaller organisations or campaigns as it is for large organisations. Because Rewards Come True have onsite eftpos gift card production facilities we can produce branded corporate gift cards and other collateral in literally any volume you require!
4 Will I have to use expensive Registered Mail to deliver my gift cards?
No! Not with Rewards Come Eftpos Gift Cards – we don’t think that would be fair! Registered mail is not necessary with our cards due to their additional security features. Cards are sent “inactive” ensuring only the right recipient gets to use the cards. Therefore we are able to save you money on packing and delivery. We can if required, build in additional security questions to further secure your reward dollars.

 These are the 4 most common concerns that are raised to us, but, if you have any other queries be sure to let us know and we can put your mind at rest for your next staff rewards or marketing initiative!

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