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When you are looking to reward employees for long service, special achievements or Christmas, the myriad of choices and the diversity of today’s workforce can present a real challenge in making the right choice for both the organisation and the employees. 

Make the decision a bit easier and the result more effective by applying this “location” test;

Location 1 – How will I distribute the gifts to all my staff across the country?
Merchandise and other gifts can be bulky and expensive to mail and the admin time and effort  involved with distributing store gift cards can be a nightmare – matching, attaching, mailing – it’s far too time consuming.
Eftpos gift cards can not only be custom designed, but can also be attached to a personalised letter and mailed directly to each individual employee or office by Rewards Come True.  Simply place your order and provide a spreadsheet of recipients and that’s it!
Location 2 – If I choose gift cards where can my staff use their gift?
Store gift cards lock your staff into a single chain of stores. Most organisations’ workforce are made up of a diverse range of people – multiple generations, multiple socio economic groups, races and both males and females.
Eftpos gift cards give your staff the freedom to use their gift anywhere eftpos is accepted, regardless of their demographic. You will have the peace of mind to know that each and every staff member can reward themselves with something they really want by being able to shop virtually anywhere!
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Location 3 – How can I reward both Rural and Metro staff
Many organisations have offices, branches and outlets across a state or the whole country. Even in todays’ global environment, disparities from state to state or district to district can present a real challenge when trying to treat all staff fairly. If, for example, you opt for a store gift card, you may easily find that some of your rural staff do not have an outlet near them. On the other hand, if you opt for cinema vouchers, you may find there are different chains more prevalent in each state.
Again, an eftpos gift card can solve this. Eftpos gift cards offer such flexibility that your recipient can choose to go out for dinner with a loved one, watch a movie, buy a new accessory, fill up with fuel or shop in almost any store!  This ensures fairness for everyone, regardless of location.
Eftpos gift cards offer the ultimate in flexibility for staff Christmas gifts, marketing activities or corporate gift card programs
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