It’s coming. Again. It’s always coming! That’s right, we are into quarter 4 and the countdown for Christmas is well and truly on.  Time to organise the end of year shindig and order the staff Christmas gifts. Gift cards are the most obvious choice for staff Christmas gifts, particularly when you have a diverse mix of staff  – be careful though store gift cards can be more trouble than they are worth because they lock your staff into a single chain of stores.
gift bagBut, that aside, the main concern is usually  around the potentially impersonal nature of store gift cards.
You can, however, have the best of both worlds  – you can provide a personalised gift for your staff at Christmas whilst still giving them the ultimate choice to pick pretty much any gift they would like within your budget. You can add that personal touch to your staff Christmas gift cards, ensuring not only that your staff feel appreciated, but also ensuring your organisation’s brand is well represented and gets that feel good association!
Here’s a few ways you can make your staff Christmas gift cards more personal

  • Fully design your eftpos gift cards with your own logo, branding or special message
  • Use a provider who can include the individual employees name on each card
  • Use a different design per functional area reflecting their department’s effort
  • Print and attach cards to a personalised letter for each employee
  • Include a special, personalised message on the card’s presentation carrier

Using these tips you can have your (fruit) cake and eat it too this Christmas  – the staff will be happy, the marketing guys will be happy and, most importantly you’ll be happy because a nightmare job just got a whole lot easier!
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