It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas decorations are up in department stores, those carols are already getting a good workout and that big red jolly fella is preparing himself for the festive season.

Meanwhile, most businesses are starting to wind down. You know what it’s like at this time of the year! Your team is tired, the work Christmas party is the talk of the office and your business’ performance for 2015 has largely been established. Almost everyone is limping to that finish line.
But what if we told you that while your competitors are winding down, you can really ramp up your rewards and loyalty strategy? Keep reading…
This November, Rewards Come True, has devised a naughty or nice list in relation to how companies are driving their rewards and loyalty campaign.
Look out for the space where you can enter your answer underneath each heading (don’t worry, no one else will see your answers).

Naughty List

• Businesses who are not rewarding employees
Anyone in business knows that a high staff turnover rate affects both overheads and productivity. Hey, we’re all human: you’d be surprised at how far a simple Visa or eftpos gift card to thank your staff for their hard work all year-round, will go towards securing their loyalty well into the longer-term.
Have you been naughty? ___
• Companies who don’t acknowledge their most important partners
Where would even the most successful of businesses be without those all-important business partnerships? They key to any good relationship is that little bit of TLC and the festive season presents you with the perfect opportunity to thank the partners who help to make your business tick.
Have you been naughty? ___
• Any business who does not value loyalty
Whether you’re talking about business or customer relationships, people expect you to be consistent and to keep your promises. This helps you to build trust. If you know your loyalty program doesn’t build loyalty and trust, address the warning signs before it’s too late.
Have you been naughty? ___

Nice List

• Business who know loyalty is earned
The best of the best when it comes to rewards and loyalty programs know exactly what their customers and partners are looking for. Premium service, exclusive offers, great pricing… analysing customer data and behaviour will tell you everything you need to know.
Have you been nice? ___

  • They interact on their customer’s or partner’s terms

Frequency of communication, the channels, the type of communication… look at your customer data and behaviour to understand what your customers are telling you. You’d be amazed at how the simple act of listening has the power to impress!
Have you been nice? ___

  • Shake things up!

An ‘average’ rewards or loyalty program void of any surprises isn’t going to stimulate anyone! Surprise and interaction are the keys to stimulating your customers and getting them engaged with your products and services into the long-term.
For those who found themselves on the naughty list, the great news is that Rewards Come True can help you to kick-start your loyalty and rewards program starting now and heading well into 2016. Trade that coal in for happy and loyal customers who’ll keep coming back for more and more in 2016.
Have you been nice? ___
So, how did you go? If you’re hiding your answers from Santa or think there’s room for improvement, engage with the team here at iGoDirect and Rewards Come True.
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