Client Profile

Australian owned and operated, the client is a master designer and manufacturer of premium furniture. Products are sold online and in retail stores.


The client had conducted a promotion where customers who spent over $500 would receive credit to make further purchases in store.  Giving this reward at the conclusion of the sale was not an effective means for boosting sales and obtaining repeat customers due to customers already having bought what they needed.

Customers needed an appropriate incentive for them to spend more in store before they had completed their purchase.


  • To boost sales by incentivising customers to make a purchase or spend more.
  • To engage customers and extend the branding relationship.


Under a new approach, the client conducted a cash-back promotion using Rewards Come True eftpos gift cards. The gift cards were offered before the conclusion of the sale and were used as a tool to close sales or incentivise customers to spend more to reach the qualifying $500 cash-back amount.

The client organised with Rewards Come True to have both the gift cards and the presentation wallets branded with the client’s company logo. The client also arranged with Rewards Come True to have the gift cards directed to the stores where sales were happening.

Out of the norm, the client rewarded customers with gift cards that were 20% of the qualifying purchase amount rather than the usual 10-15%.


Upon implementing the cash-back promotion, the client saw a significant boost in sales.

The Rewards Come True eftpos gift cards proved to be a greater incentive for customers than in-store credit that was only granted once customers had completed their purchase. As eftpos gift cards are able to be spent anywhere and in this case, were loaded in large denominations, customers considered them to be a more unique and valuable reward.

By offering customers this reward before the completion of the sale, the time frame between purchase and reward was reduced and customers were more engaged. Branding the gift cards and the presentation wallets with the client’s logo also enhanced the positive association between the customers and the brand.

The promotional budget was also maximised by directing cards to stores where sales were happening.