Imagine you have to buy and deliver a gift for a group of people. These people are of different ages, genders, and live all over the country. What do you do? 

Our client was a car manufacturer, and they had that exact task. They had ambitious sales targets to hit and they needed to motivate their sales staff to hit them.

They needed the right incentive. And they needed rewards that matched the level of performance – if one person performed 25% better than their counterpart, their reward needed to be 25% greater. Some companies gift things like gym memberships or restaurant vouchers. But how do you give someone a gym membership of 25% more value? Paying for 25% longer might not be 25% more valuable, depending on the recipient. Using this model was far too messy.  Managing the incentives was an administrative nightmare, eating up the time of the HR Department and the Sales Managers.



We worked with the sales and HR departments to create a seamless, eftpos gift card solution to incentivise improved performance.



Rewards Come True did the following:

  • Translated sales data to scaled rewards at the end of every quarterly sales period
  • Managed the direct mail distribution of the proportionate rewards
  • Organised secure activation for all recipients, including custom security questions to ensure only the intended recipient could access the funds



HR and Sales Management could take a breather – they’d managed to conquer two of their biggest challenges in one go.

Motivating employees: The sales staff were chuffed! It was a reward that they wanted to work hard for. Ultimately, it proved an important part of their drive to make those higher-value sales.

Efficiency:  Having a consistent, motivating reward wasn’t just good for the sales staff. It was great for their managers, who were no-longer buried beneath piles of admin every time an incentive needed to be sent.

A much easier, more secure incentive for research participants and staff. As a consequence of the cards’ branding, they also had a new avenue for improved brand recognition and favourability. As we were able to manage all loading of funds and distribution, our client now had time to focus on other areas of their business. And they also had an offering that was unique in their field: an extra value proposition to help them stand out in the crowd.


  • Our cards are the preferred incentive,  even over gift cards of a higher value. Their sales staff were motivated to work harder because they really did want the reward on offer.
  • It’s a reward that can be distributed quickly over vast distances
  • It’s not a one-time reward –  you don’t get sick of receiving a cash incentive every sales period like you might a store-specific voucher. This means the  HR department doesn’t have to come up with a new incentive idea every quarter.
  • We did it all for them – taking one important task off their hands so they can focus on other aspects of their roles.


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