Our years of experience in rewards and loyalty programs have exposed us to the wide variety of business objectives that can be achieved using corporate gift cards. It turns out that corporate gift cards, such as EFTPOS and Visa, are one of the most meaningful ways for businesses to say sorry, whether it is to customers, suppliers or channels.
Although it takes a lot of courage to say sorry, the benefits of saying sorry outweigh the costs. For one, acknowledging a mistake when it is warranted will avoid disgruntled stakeholders voicing their disapproval for others to hear and harming your business’s reputation. Secondly, keeping existing business stakeholders is far less costly than trying to obtain new ones.
When issuing an apology, a great alternative to simply saying sorry and trying to reverse the mistake is to go above and beyond what is expected with corporate gift cards. A physical EFTPOS or Visa gift card customized with your brand has the better ability to make an impact and satisfy a complainant as the cards can be spent anywhere EFTPOS or Visa is accepted. It also means you can write a personalized message inside the gift wallet to express your apology, note what was done wrong, acknowledge the wronged party’s feelings and state what actions will be carried out to ensure that the mistake will not occur again.
By issuing gift cards, you are showing your stakeholders that you are willing to invest in your relationship with them and that you still hope to work with them in the future.
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