By using reward cards as a stimulus to engage customers in carrying out certain purchasing behaviours, businesses are successfully lifting their sales and customer loyalty. According to the For Love or Money report by Loyalty Point, 82% of Australian consumers currently belong to a loyalty or rewards card program. However, businesses aren’t just engaging their end customers in executing their rewards campaigns, but also their marketing channels. By co-ordinating their rewards campaigns to drive through their sales force, through their distribution partners and ultimately to their end consumers, businesses are maximizing their campaign results.
Here’s how it works:
Sales force

Your sales team are on the ground representing your products and services. By engaging your sales team with the proper incentive, they can convince your distribution partners to support your rewards campaign and effectively lift sales and increase customer loyalty. Set clearly defined sales targets and create a points system that your sales team can convert into some form of reward, be it a gift card or goods and services, once they have reached certain targets.

Your distribution partners can promote your rewards campaign throughout the store such as with point of sale materials and staff participation. Stores can train their staff to leverage the reward offer with customers as a means to upsell your products and close sales.
With your sales force and distribution partners reinforcing your campaign that rewards end-customers, your business can generate greater Return on Investment.
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