The time of year has arrived. The weather is warming up, co-workers are planning their holiday schedules, and the supermarkets are already stocking their seasonal items for Christmas. All gentle reminders that Christmas is on its way and now is the time to decide how to thank your staff for all their hard work this year. There are a lot of elements to consider, and the time to start planning is now.

Choosing Your Staff Christmas Gifts

The first, and probably most time-consuming, part of the process is choosing your staff Christmas gifts. While it may seem like a simple task that will only eat up about 30 minutes of your day, the reality is these things take time – and with the growing amount of options out there, it could take a week alone just to decide on the right gift to give. A gift voucher or eftpos gift card can be ordered and executed fairly quickly, but should you choose something more extravagant, like a hand-wrapped and personalised diary or mug, that timeline is going to get longer. To help in your search for the perfect staff Christmas gifts, we’ve listed out the pros and cons of some of the more common options.


Staff Christmas Gifts: HampersGreat staff gift for:  Small companies or department-specific gifts. Due to preferences and food allergies, it will be easier to accommodate a smaller group of recipients.
Price: Ranges from $18 for a basic hamper to over $400 for deluxe options.
Delivery: Dependent on location, but typically within 7 days.
Pros: Wine and chocolate lovers will be especially grateful! This is a gift that is meant to be shared, so when your staff does get around to using it, it will likely be with family and friends – all of whom have you to thank for a nice day out.
Cons: Time-consuming and fragile. You will need to block out some time to filter through the possibilities, ranging from deluxe picnic-style baskets complete with wine and chocolates to beach-friendly eskies for some fun in the sun. You may want to consider distributing a list of options to your staff ahead of time so they can choose their own, as food allergies may make this an impractical gift for some. Delivery is also another uncertainty; you don’t want your staff Christmas gifts to turn into 100 hampers full of broken wine bottles.

eftpos Gift Cards

Staff Christmas Gifts: eftpos Gift Cards

Great gift for: Large or small Australian companies with employees in any location.
Price: Standard designs are at face value plus minimal delivery and administration fees. Opt to add your logo to a co-branded design or even fully customise with your own artwork. While customisation might cost a little extra, when it comes to brand recognition and corporate identity, every little bit helps.
Delivery: 1-5 days, depending on the design.
Pros: Fast, portable, versatile, & easy. With the ability to be used anywhere in Australia, this is probably your safest bet. Without the limitations of a store or chain, your staff will be able to go anywhere and choose a gift they really want. Administration time is minimal and delivery is catered to your company’s preference.
Cons: While personalisation options are available, giving a generic message with these cards may feel less personal to some recipients.

Staff Christmas Gifts: Office SuppliesOffice Accessories

Great staff gift for: Anyone working in an office or at a desk.
Price: A standard USB stick & pen set run at about $14 each or order each staff member a diary personalised with your company logo for between $18-21.
Delivery:  Varies depending on the product and quantity ordered. While some companies promise delivery in 1 day, others will take up to 3 weeks, so plan accordingly.
Pros: A gift option with a more personal touch. A large range of products will also make it easy to find something that fits in your budget. Go one step further by adding your logo or personalising each gift with your employees’ names.
Cons: Time-consuming; the range of office products available is endless! And, while there are budget-friendly options available, finding something that is useful and affordable may prove to be more difficult than it seems. Additional gift wrapping costs is also something you will need to consider. Your staff Christmas gifts should be presented in a professional way, and you are not going to have the time to hand wrap each item yourself.

Restaurant or Retail Store VouchersStaff Christmas Gifts: Restaurant or Store Voucher

Great staff gift for: Companies with staff living in relatively the same location.
Price: Face value, plus delivery and administration fees.
Delivery: 1-2 days, or instantly if the voucher is digital.
Pros: Short lead times and minimal administration required. While there are still restrictions, this option allows more flexibility for your employees.
Cons: Often limited to one restaurant/store or a specific chain of restaurants/stores. If your employees do not live in the vicinity, your staff Christmas gifts may become a hassle to use rather than a gift to enjoy.

After narrowing down the best option for your staff Christmas gifts, it’s time to think about budget, approvals, presentation, delivery, & contingency plans. Stayed tuned for Part 2 of why you need to start thinking about your staff Christmas gifts…


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