Our last post discussed some of the best options to consider when choosing your staff Christmas gifts, but finding the right gifts is only half the battle. Budget, approvals, presentation, delivery, & contingency plans are all in your near future. Here are some tips for getting through the season with great gifts and a happy staff!


Budget for Staff Christmas GiftsThe underlying, unavoidable reality of all businesses. If it were up to you, your staff would all get iPads or a new flatscreen for Christmas – the sky’s the limit! But unfortunately, there is a limit – it’s a number. And, more than likely, you need to adhere to it. Even when placing an order for seemingly inexpensive items, the extra fees can add up. Choose a company that is upfront with their price or ensure you account for packaging, delivery, and any other “extras” that might not seem obvious when you first consider placing your order. And don’t forget to shop around! There are many options out there, and, as long as you allow enough time, you’ll find the one that is best for you and your staff.

ApprovalsApproved Staff Christmas Gifts

Even if you had an unlimited budget, getting approval would still be the next step. Take initiative on your search for the right gift. If you come across something that is slightly over budget, but might boost morale and benefit your company, make your case to your supervisor. Explain how the benefits of spending a little more will outweigh the cost. Your recommendation might end up benefiting your company, your staff, and your career!

Packaging & Presentation

Packaging for Staff Christmas GiftsPackaging & presentation is another aspect of staff Christmas gifts that might be overlooked. Whether you decide to have your gifts bulk delivered to hand out at your Christmas party or individually sent to your staff, you want them to look professional. When ordering your gifts, confirm if packaging & fulfilment services are included in the cost. If not, make sure you explore your options. You don’t want to end up hand wrapping each gift because they arrived carelessly thrown into a box.

Contingency PlanContingency Plan

Even if your budget, approvals, packaging, & presentation have all fallen into place, it’s always safe to have a backup plan, just in case. If your gifts don’t arrive in time for the staff Christmas party, make sure you have “Merry Christmas” cards or letters ready to distribute thanking your staff for their hard work all year and explaining what their gift will be.
Now you should be well informed and ready to start ordering your staff Christmas gifts! Remember our tips to ensure your gifts are a great success!
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