Business owners and HR managers are always looking for new and creative ideas to support their corporate rewards program and incentivise staff. And there is nothing worse than spending time, energy and money developing a corporate rewards program that no one cares about, talks about or even enjoys winning. To help business owners and HR managers like yourself, we have compiled a list of some of the best corporate rewards ideas, specifically for Australians, that will ensure your rewards program is a smashing success.

1. eftpos Gift Cards for Corporate Rewards

corporate rewards_eftpos gift cards
A flexible gift idea with broad appeal. You can decide how much value to load to the card and even brand the card with your company logo or add a fully customised design.

2. Card With a Lottery Ticket Inside

An old gift idea but still highly valued… And, hey, you might just get a kickback if they win the jackpot too.

3. Flexible or Preferred Holiday Scheduling

corporate rewards_holiday scheduleEveryone would love to be able to take holidays when they want. Give rewards program winners first choice when picking their next holiday dates, and you’re sure to get the interest of employees with upcoming social events on their calendar.
*A word of warning: This may cause a bit of internal friction if another employee misses out on their preferred holiday dates because the winner is heading to the same music festival.

4. Voucher to a Nice Restaurant

corporate rewards_nice restaurant

There are not many people who would turn down a meal at a nice restaurant…especially if it’s free. When choosing the place, make sure to read the reviews and choose a location that is convenient for everyone. Also, ensure the restaurant offers an extensive menu.  Providing vouchers to an Indian restaurant may not suit all, especially if some of your staff members have an aversion to spicy foods.

5. Sports, Movie or Event Tickets

corporate rewards_event tickets
Gold class movie tickets or corporate box seats to sporting events are always a winner. Before launching your program,  survey your staff to find out the type of events they would be happy to attend. That way you can easily choose a range of activities that suits all. Remember , for this type of reward, you must offer more than 1 ticket. The winner will want to enjoy the event with friends or family, instead of attending alone.

6. A Hamper with Tasty Treats

Bring in a big hamper basket with delicious food and possibly a nice bottle of wine to display in the office and remind people what they are working toward. There’s nothing quite like a case of food envy to get the competitive juices flowing.

7. Career Advancement Incentivescorporate rewards_career advancement

Everyone wants the opportunity to advance their career. Include your program winners in important meetings, ask for their feedback on special projects, offer an extra bonus, or even arrange one-on-one lunches with the boss to create a feeling of recognition. These rewards will be highly valued by the motivated employees you want working for your company.
When it comes to corporate rewards, the options are endless. Choose the best option for your business by asking yourself:

  1. Will this reward  be effective enough to incentivise my staff?
  2. How much additional administration time will the reward require?
  3. Is the reward a suitable option for all?

If you’re having trouble choosing the best incentive for your corporate rewards program, or are seeking guidance on setting up a successful program that will motivate employees and achieve your business objectives, get in touch with us today. One of our corporate rewards specialists will help set you on the right path.


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