An employee incentive program means nothing it if doesn’t capture the attention of your employees and motivate your staff. While our previous post has already touched on some of the best rewards you can use in your corporate rewards program, it can still be a challenge to pinpoint the right reward that will appeal to your entire team. Luckily, finding a gift or incentive that can be used by all your employees, partners, contractors and vendors, regardless of their location or preferences, is getting easier. Today, you can even find rewards that not only benefit your employees, but also benefit your company and brand. Corporate gift cards are one of the fastest, easiest, and most beneficial ways to reward your staff and your company – and here’s why!

1. Employee incentive rewards should appeal to everyone

Employee incentive photoNo matter who you are, there will always be something that you want to buy but can’t. Necessities and responsibilities tend to get in the way when you consider splurging on the latest Apple product or a flight to Fiji. One of the best ways to appeal to this basic human desire is to use corporate gift cards. As the cards are not limited to a specific store or chain, each member of your staff will be able to choose a reward that is meaningful to them. As a result, they will begin to see the connection between helping your company achieve it’s goals and getting their new iPhone or booking their next holiday.

2. Employee incentive rewards should not be restricted by location

Employee incentive photoThese days, most Australian companies have participants in multiple locations across the country or employees that work remotely from different areas. If this is how your company is structured, you should choose a reward that can be sent easily via mail. It is also important to choose a reward that does not force your employees to travel hundreds of kilometres just to find a store where it will be accepted. Corporate gift cards are accepted everywhere, so no matter where your staff, partners, contractors and vendors are located, they can easily enjoy the benefits of your employee incentive program.

3. Employee incentive rewards should build long-term brand awareness and employee loyalty

Store gift cards or experience vouchers from other business are often considered as reward options for competitions or incentive programs. While these rewards may be beneficial in improving employee performance, the opportunity to maximise employee loyalty by promoting your brand is lost.  Corporate gift cards can be custom designed with your company colours and branding and even include a personal message on each card.
employee incentive card1      employee incentive card2     employee incentive card3
On top of customising the cards, you can also customise the way they are presented and distributed to your staff. Not only will this reinforce employee appreciation, but it will also build brand recognition amongst anyone coming into contact with your brand, such as shopkeepers and family members.
Versatile, valuable and easily enjoyed by all, corporate gift cards just might be the right reward for your employee incentive program. For more information on Rewards Come True employee and staff incentive programs, send us an enquiry today.


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