As the tradition goes, it’s now that time of the year to commit to a handful of New Financial Year Resolutions… resolutions that you’re actually going to keep!
It is easy for organisations to neglect rewarding staff because naturally the focus is on the business itself.  Some organisations may have a staff rewards program in place, but if it is tired and lacking excitement the benefit will be marginal.  For many, this financial year might be the time to shake things up and make the change you want to see in your business.

Is my company lacking staff morale?

If your employees are being overworked with little credit given, chances are they are going to start feeling underappreciated. Productivity drops and work becomes less rewarding for everyone. You will be surprised how easy it is to increase staff morale in the workplace. Here are some simple tips to take on board this financial year…

  1. Make sure your employees feel valued. This can be achieved with a quick phone call or a pat on the back to let them know what a great job they’ve been doing and how much you appreciate their efforts.
  2. The little things matter. Buy them a coffee from time to time. You buy your customers coffee all the time right? Why not grab your employees a coffee to get them through the busy day.
  3. Be approachable. Touch base with your staff on a regular basis to see how things are going and to hear about any of the problems and challenges they are facing.
  4. Lend a helping hand. Do what you can to help take the pressure off your staff, this will lower their stress levels and show them that you’re happy to help out.
  5. Incentivise! Try starting a staff rewards program where each staff member can vote for their colleagues who have gone above and beyond. Each month tally up the votes and reward the winner(s) with a gift.


Have I taken the time to say “thanks” to my hardworking staff?

Liquor and hampers are a thing of the past. People want to be rewarded with something that gives them choice.
A great idea is to get some branded eftpos gift cards. Rewards Come True eftpos gift cards are the perfect incentive solution. Not only can you customise them with your brand but also the end user has the flexibility to use it anywhere in Australia where eftpos is accepted
By giving your staff a personalised gift it means that when they use it, it reinforces your brand and extends that feel-good factor associated with your company.
Why would you put in so much hard work only to reward your staff with someone else’s brand? Personalise it and put your brand’s goodwill front and centre!
Rewards Come True - Devondale     Rewards Come True - Lipton Ice Tea
Happy New Financial Year!
Melanie Kozulin
Strategic Sales Executive
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