February 17

Store Gift Cards – Why they just dont cut it as a staff or customer incentive

What happens when store gift cards fail to stimulate sales or staff are dismissive of their gift card?

So, you need to run a sales incentive or increase your conversion rates.  The best solution is store gift cards,  right?

So you spend valuable time and effort – calculating the reward amount needed to stimulate a change in behaviour, designing and booking your collateral and media, then get ready to launch with an offer of a store gift card if consumers buy x or do y. 
Great! Easy!
Alternatively, it’s Christmas and you need to reward staff, or it’s been a stressful period and you need to boost staff morale – again perfect solution, store gift cards right?
But, what happens when your gift card fails to stimulate sales, or staff are dismissive of their gift card?

image of girl happy with eftpos gift cards, unhappy woth store gift cards
Where could you have gone wrong?
Store gift cards, even those for large chains or big shopping centers come with a few challenges which simply don’t arise if you were to use eftpos gift cards.
Gen X Lucy might be really motivated by a store gift card from retailer A, but Gen Y Darren couldn’t care less and, in any case, wouldn’t be seen dead in Store B!
The ability of a store gift card to reward and stimulate behaviour means trying to pick a card that will stimulate all recipients regardless of age, gender, personality or interests.
A card which restricts where or on what a reward can be spent is limited to say the least.

Location Location Location
Customers, prospects and even staff can be scattered anywhere across this vast continent. A reward of a store gift card for a retailer or chain with no outlet in your recipients’ location can actually have a profoundly negative impact on your brand and organisation. It indirectly sends your recipient a message that you don’t really care about them or it simply fails to motivate them to do whatever is needed to earn the reward.

Love your own Brand!
Whether you are a large or small business, why would you want to promote someone else’s business instead of your own? By rewarding or incentivising people with a gift card which is branded with your theme and logo you reinforce the feel good factor associated with your brand and remind them where they earned their reward every time they use their card.

eftpos gift cards can help increase DM response ratesIncrease Response Rates – how about by 400%?
A promise of a reward is one thing. But allowing a potential recipient to touch and feel a reward before they have earned it will dramatically increase response and conversion rates. You can only purchase loaded store gift cards when you know exactly how many you need and what values. With Rewards Come True eftpos gift cards we have helped our clients increase their response rates by as much as 4 times by sending out gift cards unloaded as an enticement to customers. Then they only load the cards for those that responded.
So, don’t let your well planned promotion or staff reward program blow up in your face.  Avoid the landmines and choose Rewards Come True corporate  gift cards