8_01CxX-hkPPoCUCA8rJnGJ6jsSbitu3Ba_Tw_GsH2oWhen it comes to rewarding or motivating your customers, staff or trade partners with a gift card there are a plethora of choices.

So why do we reckon eftpos gift cards are the pick of the bunch?
Lets look at their credentials;
1 – eftpos is accepted by more than 325,000 merchants using over 750,000 terminals throughout Australia.  This means you can be confident your recipients will be able to use their eftpos gift card at most stores anywhere in Australia
2 -eftpos Gift Cards can be brandedwhy promote somebody else’s brand or another store? You can prolong the feel good factor by reminding your recipient who gave them their reward every time they swipe their card.
3 – Aussies love eftpos! It is the most widely used debit card system in Australia. Almost 6 million eftpos transactions are made each day.
Image eftpos gift cards rock!4 – How else can you be sure that all your recipients will actually like their reward? Mary might love that hardware store gift card but Gen Y Mike might see it as a useless gift or incentive. With an eftpos gift card your recipients will be able to use the reward for something they definitely want.
5 – With the right gift card provideryou can cost effectively do small or large runs and you can even send eftpos gift cards out unloaded when using them to support a marketing or sales campaign.

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