Keep Calm and Game OnDoes your marketing department channel everything into customer acquisition and loyalty whilst employee engagement and retention is HR’s problem?
Facts are, as the lines between functional areas become blurred, and hierarchical responsibility becomes flatter, this one dimensional approach just isn’t going to be sustainable into the future.
In a recent article, Peter Hosking discussed the trend for gamification and its applications for employee engagement. Peter puts forward that if gamification were first applied for internal engagement, businesses would get a fast start to better engagement with their external audiences.
Whether you are looking to apply gamification principles to customer retention programs or staff incentive programs, you need to be sure you are not simply bolting on some gaming mechanics to an old or flawed set of processes. You need to ensure your program is influencing and driving a pre-determined set of desired behaviours and outcomes.
As theories like employer branding and gamification become increasingly more relevant, and as social media continues it relentless onslaught into all facets of life and business the relationship between HR and Marketing has never been more important.
In our 7+ years of providing custom eftpos gift cards, we have never been more acutely aware of this shift then we are now.
As a tool for engagement and reward, these corporate gift cards are not only being used to drive and support customer focused initiatives but also as the execution mechanic for employee reward and recognition programs by innovative organisations who are closing the gap between Marketing and HR.
Contact us to find out more about how these eftpos gift cards can be used to support gamification mechanics for both employee and customer reward and engagement programs


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