employer branding-social media Have you decided it’s just a modern day evil that employees will discuss (and badmouth!) their organisations on Social Media? Or is that just an easy cop out, allowing you to ignore an underlying employee engagement issue?
In a recent article on hcamag discussing employer branding, Michael Larsen, founder of InsideTrak is quoted as saying “In this new era, employers will influence rather than control their brand…”
The post goes on to discuss the importance of Social Media and the influence that has on an employers’ brand, with Steve Barham, senior director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions, suggesting employers use the ability for their employees to spread the word about their organisation to their advantage, encouraging organisations to “Use your employees as your talent brand ambassadors…”!
Be it on or off line, the persona, profile and reputation of an organisations brand will be driven by its brand as an employer and not just its marketing department. Engaged employees are among the most important marketing channel available to any organisation.
Having a reward and recognition program which incorporates both expressions of appreciation and non-financial as well as financial awards, such as eftpos gift cards, is essential for maintaining an engaged workforce who will be brand ambassadors. And, if you use company branded corporate gift cards the reach is exponentially increased as, every time an employee uses their eftpos gift card, the employer brand is reinforced and, with every swipe, the employee becomes more of a brand ambassador for the organisation
Contact Rewards Come True today to learn more about how these eftpos gift cards can be used to influence employer branding and engage employees!


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