Eftpos gift card concerns answered: Our Motto is Keep it fair!

Our solutions are almost as flexible as our corporate gift cards themselves! We can qualm any concerns you may have to ensure your next staff rewards or marketing initiative can get the full flexibility of eftpos gift cards. Our Eftpos gift cards can be custom branded, have long activation periods, are fully secure and heaps more!

Free eftpos Gift Card with Staff Christmas Gift Card Orders

Eftpos gift cards make the perfect gift for staff as they allow staff to choose exactly what they want. Our corporate gift cards can be used in 650,000 stores nationally. Were you lucky enough to receive one of our promotional packs with a free eftpos gift card with staff Christmas gift card orders?

The next big thing – just like with trams, wait a few minutes and another will come along

Eftpos gift cards can help you bring your direct mail campaigns to life, by increasing response rates and reinforcing your brand long after the campaign has ended. Direct mail needs to work harder not be axed – eftpos gift cards will have your direct mail working up a sweat!

Gift cards, cash, hampers, grog…how about an old fashioned thank you?

Don’t forget to say thanks when you present you staff with an eftpos giftcard!All the research seems to agree – employers are missing out on prime opportunities to engage and recognise employees by not capitalising on the feel good, relationship building possibilities presented by the giving of Christmas gifts.

Eftpos Gift Cards – Just like real estate it’s Location Location Location!

Eftpos gift cards offer such flexibility that your recipients can chose to go out for dinner with a loved one, watch a movie, buy a new accessory, fill up with fuel or shop in almost any store regardless of location, age or gender. We can even send them straight to their own letterbox!

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